Looking north from Dún Eocla       Looking east towards walls of Dún Eocla
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The Dúns of Aran:

DÚN Eócla
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Inis Mór

Terracing at south wall inside Dún Eócla
Looking north from Dún Eócla
Inside Dun Cathair
Looking west to coast lighthouse from Dún Eócla

Situated centrally near the highest point of Inis Mór, Dún Eócla is a large Dún with an inner enclosure and one outside rampart wall. The wall has one terrace today. However 19th century descriptions of this fort describe a second terrace which nowadays is unnoticed as it has blended with the top of the wall owing to the reduced height of the Dún since those earlier observations.

No real structures are visible except for a cairn of stones in the centre which could be leftover from restoration works at end of 19th century.

The old coast guard building, a few hundred yards to the west is at a higher elevation.


Number of enclosures: 2
Inner enclosure wall height: 5m
Inner enclosure width: 3.5m

Chevaux de frise: No.
Entrance location: East.




Inside Dún Eoghanachta
Terracing on east wall of Dún Eócla, Inis Mór