Looking east from Dún Eoghanacht       View from walls of Dún Eoghanachta
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The Dúns of Aran:

DÚN  Eoghanacht
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Inis Mór

Inside Dún Eoghanacht looking west
Notice remains of 3 clochans or stone huts
Inside Dun Cathair
Looking west at structures of Dún Eoghanacht

The most isolated of the Dúns on Inis Mór this is probably the reason that it is in the best condition. There is one terrace on the walls with several steps leading to the terrace and from the terrace to the top. However it is logical to conclude there was a second terrace at one time as the level of the outer wall has reduced in height over time.

Dún Eoghanacht was partially excavated as part of the Discovery Programme in the 1995. The remains of three structures are visible inside the Dún.


Number of enclosures: 1
Inner enclosure wall height: 3m
Inner enclosure width at base: 3-4m

Diameter - widest pt: 30m
Diameter - shortest pt: 30m
Chevaux de frise: No
Entrance location: East



Inside Dún Eoghanachta
Closer view of huts in Dún Eoghanacht